Echelon 8

Created by: Kevin Wenzel

 When our freedom was in question, America needed an answer. In the early morning hours of 9/11 an elite CIA team known as Echelon 3 was denied access to Logan airport by the FBI, preventing them from acting on the intelligence that could have stopped the terrorist attacks. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Echelon 3 team undeservingly took the fall and was quickly dismantled. Ten years later, with terrorist activities on the rise, a congressional shadow government committee known only as the Keepers, is re-instating the new and improved top secret unit now known as Echelon 8. The team is granted unprecedented approval of domestic charter allowing them to monitor U.S. communications and take every action necessary to protect the United States from the next terrorist attack. Can Echelon 8 prevent history form repeating itself or will the team suffer the same fate of its predecessor?

Think Tank 2.0

Think Tank 2.0

Pilot Episode 1.1

 If, perhaps one of the most powerful words in the English language, when dealing with the possibility of cause and effect. If Eve hadn’t fed Adam the apple, would man have been without sin. If the Trojans had not accepted the gift of a wooden horse, would the Greeks have taken the city of Troy? If Columbus had chosen to be a carpenter, would we be living in the New World? And if the President acted on Intel, would 9/11 have happened. My name is David Raines, I am an Intelligence operative with the C.I.A., and this is my story.

In the days before 9/11/2001, the CIA was provided information that could have prevented the attacks. In the days that followed, the Echelon 3 unit uncovered information on the attacks that had Domestic implications. Intent on maintaining the cover-up, a secret society known only as the Keepers had the unit disbanded. Years later, the unit is reconstituted with a new objective, domestic surveillance.


Nightclub Ratings

 Starring: Eric "E-Money" Murray, Priscella Holyfield         Directed by: David wenzel

Nightclub Ratings! A new show that takes you to the hottest spots in New York City and Boston. Get a sneak peak into the venue's history and meet all of the latest DJ's and musicians that are workin' these clubs! Come rub shoulders with some of the hottest club goers and get a glimpse at the scene. At the end of the night, the club will get a rating from our hosts, letting you know where the party is at!!!