Created By: Kevin Wenzel

Set in the Birkshires of Massachusetts, the sleepy little town of Colebrook hides a deep dark secret. Thier way of life has been preserved for generations and the town rules dictate thier way of life. This balance is challenged when an outsider finds his way in. A horror unfolds when he discovers the secret of Colebrook and tries to escape, with his life..

A Thin Blue Line

Created By: Kevin Wenzel

One Police officer nearing retirement, One Starting his career. One spent a diticated life of service, one serving himself. Torn between justice and partnership,one bad cop has one good cop  walking A Thin Blue Line.

Circle of 8

Created by: Kevin wenzel

 Detroit: When an elite SWAT team is killed durring an entry, a senondary team kmown as the Circle of 8, vows those responsible will be brought to justice. A corrupt mayor is trying to end the Tac-Ops program. This show also addresses the economics and trobles Detroit is now facing. including the city's recevorship status and bankruptcy.   

Patriots of Liberty

Created By: Kevin Wenzel

This action film is set in 2015. and focuses on a revolutionany war taking place here in the United States after a corrupted government pushes one man too far and divides a nation.  logline: "Falling Down neets Red Dawn"


Padre' Pio

Screenplay by: Bayard Johnson

Director Bill Duke and Writer Bayard Johnson teamed up with David Wenzel and Rick Lohman of Next Evolution Productions, to develop a movie based on the life ofPadre Pio, A catholic priest from Italy who suffered the Stigmata.