We would like to thank you for your support and invite you to follow us as we develop this project.


Shirts are available in Black only. The front of the shirt boasts the "Colebrook" Police badge. The rear of the shirt will have the "Entering Colebrook" sign and your choice of Cast or Crew. Shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

‚ÄčNext Evolution Productions is now in pre production for the Colebrook project. The Colebrook novel has been a successful book reaching top 100 on Amazon and continues to grow. We are moving forward as an industry leader in this production as we are developing this film as a self-financed project. The only way we can do this is by fundraising. In addition to our "Go fund me" campaign, we are selling Colebrook T-shirts. Our goal with this portion of the campaign is $10,000.00.  All proceeds will go toward production costs, in particular catering and location associated costs.