LAUREN MARIE JONES, Producer / Project Specialist

Gary is an actor, director, producer, creator, voice over talent and broadcaster. Gary hosts the number one rated morning radio show for CBS ​in Hartford, Ct. Gary also has a long standing history in television having worked on Boardwalk Empire, American hustle, Curb your Enthusiasm  and 30 Rock, he doesn't talk about what he wants to do, he just does it. Gary has created original programing in both radio and television. He truly is an appreciated and talented addition to our team, a leader by example. With a love of the arts and a dedicated work ethic we welcome Gary to our team.     

Gary Craig, Producer / Development

Kevin was  born in Methuen, Ma. Kevin's first theatrical experience was as a technical advisor teaching actors to be cops in "The hacking Chronicles".  Kevin's first writing experience came after speaking with David while on the set of Burn After Reading.  Kevin has evolved as a writer and cotinues to develope new and exciting stories and scripts. Kevin says, "I can't do it all myself and that is why I surround myself with a strong team". Kevin has weapons training and is a First Responder, he incorperates these specialties into his writing. Kevin has been on set as a technical advisor, script advisor and continues to develop skills to enhance his writing and theatrical presence.

KEVIN WENZEL, Creative Director

David Wenzel was born in Methuen, Ma. and grew up in Springfield, Ma. David came to NYC to study cting over 20 years ago. David has also suudied Martial Arts for a major part of his life.  David has appeared on a variety of TV shows and films including: Rescue me, Extreme Forensics, Lipstick Jungle, and New Amsterdam. Davids film work includes: Old Dogs, Duck hunt and Echelon 8, which he also produced. David has worked with Brad Pitt as a stand in for several films including: Sleepers, Meet Joe Black and Burn After Reading. David has developed relationships with industry icons such as Bill Duke, Fisher Stevens, Hayden Christionson, Scott Ruden, Jace Alexander and Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubeski to name a few.

DAVID WENZEL, Head of Development

Meet the Team: 

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About the Group:

Next Evolution Productions began in 2009 after the Wenzel brothers had worked on their first film project Think Tank . The right opportunity had not created itself so the Wenzel brothers decided to create their own. The core value of NEP is to create quality entertainment by surrounding themselves with the right people, working on great projects and conducting business with honesty, integrity and transparancy.  NEP has grown since thier creation and are becoming a constant in the industry drawing attention not only by what they do, but by how they do it.

Luke is an accoplished documentary film maker having done such projects as Some Addembly Required, a documentary about how to fail, something they don't teach in film school and has worked with Leonard Nemoy. Luke  also an award winning writer. Luke has worked on such projects as The Usual Suspects and Charlie Wilsons War as a researcher.  Luke himself has overcome Dyslexia. Luke is a Western Mass native.  Luke is workig with the Wenzels on several upcoming projects.

CHRIS SLONE, Actor/Producer.

John  is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Los Angeles.  John has a Bachelors degree from Queens College in Media Studies. He has worked in NYC, LA and abroad. Currently John has worked as an actor and producer and his work includes Preying For Mercy, Living In Exile and Loco Amor. .  John also works as an editor, his work includes American Sunset starring Corey Haim, The Wonder and the underground Comedy Festival with headliner Rick Overton.

Dawn Is known for her Paranormal Romance books. She has developed and written the Vampire Legacy and supernatural thrillers including a varitey of mythical beyings drom Witches to Ghosts.  Dawn has published several books and has a dedicated following. Her books are available through major outlets such as Barnes & Noble and Dawn is collaborating on a story with Kevin Wenzel, Colebrook, a work that Kevin promises will incorperate both of thier writing styles and offer a new and unique gendre.


John P. Rigores, Co-Development Producer

Dawn Grey, Author / Writer


Lauren is from Mertztown, Pa. Lauren graduated from Hofstra Univercity wit a BFA in Theatre Performance with High Honors. Lauren worked on Next Evolution Productions film E-8, Think, not only as a principle actress Agent Jackie Peckham, Lauren also was the First AD. Lauren das appeared on Rescue me, All my Children, Guding Light, The wisdom Tree and Servy "n" Bernice. Lauren continues to deverify and is directly involved in every project with NEP.

Chris is an accomplished actor having appeared regularly on Televisions Law and Order (SVU), ​in addition to having created his own show, The Chris Kepford show, and hosting his own comedy show in NYC. Chris is on board as a producer on Colebrook. In addition to the ideas Chris has brought to the table, he has a steady following of talented artists he works with. Chris has shown a love for his art and selflessness. He only wants to see everyone succeed in this industry, and be a part of that. We welcome Chris to the family.

LUKE BITTEL, Writer, Research

Chris Kepford, ​Producer, Creator

Chris was professionally trained as an actor with credits including stage and screen. Chris began his career working in Television commercials. Chris trained on stage for several years performing in the theatre before moving into Film & TV, producing credits include Think Tank, Echelon 8, Mountain Top Road, and Scarecrow Man.